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Group Art Session

Paint with JJ - a full range of paintings using a mix of mediums such as acrylic and canvas or watercolour and collage. expert tutor and artist JJ Barrs will take you through an art session with gentle light hearted tuition to help break down the barrier between putting paint to paper. and build on your desire to paint and create your own art. Suitable for all levels and especially beginners. 

Corporate Painting 

Hire JJ to come and give your company a wellness art session

Painting is a great way for people to relax and promote team wellbeing. JJ can come to you and run team building activities for businesses. The session is tailored around you and your team. They last up to 2 hours, giving everyone the chance to get to know each other a little more, and have fun together.

We can plan to paint acrylic on canvas or watercolour on paper so everyone has something fab to take home, the painting can be teacher led or free flowing, we could also have a speed painting session so everyone adds something to everyone's art, art is just playing with paint.... how much fun you want to have is up to you.

Sessions are bookable between 9am-3pm and are roughly £42pp with a minimum of 10, all painting materials are provided.


High School Art
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Art Parties

Hen parties, birthday parties and gatherings.... why do kids get to have all the fun, host your very own painting party, all equipment is provided to make your art piece, you can choose between painting acrylic on canvas or watercolour on paper. JJ will come and give you some inspiration, you can request to paint a specific piece or go free style. we can do speed painting when the canvas is swapped every 10mins to make a great collaboration. Prices start from £42pp with a minimum of 6 people. sessions are 2or3hrs long and can be organised on weekends or evenings.


Visiting Art Sessions

Watercolour painting in Care Homes, Schools, Groups, etc...

Teaching people about art has numerous benefits. It helps them develop their creativity, imagination, and critical thinking skills. Art also promotes self-expression and emotional intelligence, which are essential for their personal growth. Additionally, learning about art can enhance  cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity.

from £42pp with a minimum of 10 people


Art therapy for senior ladies, group of women painting the picture of lighthouse from the
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