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Each kit is hand finished and contains its very own

11 colours watercolour paint tin

12 Sketching pencil tin set

Small watercolour card x4

2 water paint pens (just fill with water and paint)

2 detail brushes

1 putty eraser

A stylish lightweight wooden carry case complete with velvet and colours fabric interior with a detachable strap.

And a cute little mascot.

Carry this case anywhere, ideal for holidays and outings and enjoy painting or drawing in style.

Travel Art Set, Watercolour & Sketch Anywhere

  • Thank you for your continued support, made to order items are made for you and some of these items are out sourced by other small businesses to uphold an outstanding quality and to free my crafty hands up to bring more items to you.


    Check the original listing if you are unsure if your item is 'pre-made' - 'Outsourced' or 'made to order'.


    Some items are sourced from other countries, in this case you will receive delivery updates once your item is made and this could st

  • Please see Below for more information on the different delivery times allocated to your order items. 


    *Premade - 3/5days Delivery

    the item you see may well be the exact item you will receive and is a one of a kind handmade item by JJ Barrs